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Lafourche Parish's motto is "Feeding and Fueling America," and this is evident when you look at the Parish's major industries.

Lafourche Parish has a total agriculture farm value of over $98.78 million which has an economic impact of $250 million and is a renewable resource. Lafourche ranks in the top 10 parishes in the state of Louisiana in sugar, citrus and beef. We are the 9th largest sugar parish with over 28,000 acres of sugarcane (farm value of over $27 million with a total of 32 farms). Our two sugar mills grind over 2 million tons of cane annually. We are the 10th largest beef-producing parish with over 18,000 cows, 280 cattlemen and 50,000 acres of pasture with a farm value of over $8.7 million. Lafourche is the 2nd in the state in citrus production with 41 producers on over 100 acres. This is mostly satsumas and navel oranges with a farm value of nearly $1 million. Additionally, we are also the 21st largest vegetable producing parish with 12 commercial producers on 86 acres. The biggest crops are tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, okra and potatoes and the farm value is nearly $600,000. The Parish also has income from timber, hay and other animal commodities (horses, sheep, goats, chickens and pigs).

Lafourche Parish not only "Feeds America" with our crops and livestock, but with our seafood as well. Local fishermen haul in catches of shrimp, crawfish and crabs as well as several species of freshwater and saltwater fish and oysters. Our seafood is sold locally, shipped fresh to New Orleans markets, and/or shipped elsewhere for processing.

To understand how we "Fuel America," look no further than Port Fourchon, where 9 of the top 10 taxpayers in Lafourche operate from and/or utilize their facilities. Over 250 companies occupy the port located at the southern end of the Parish at the Gulf of Mexico. Port Fourchon plays a strategic role in furnishing the country with up to 18% of its entire oil supply. Domestically, Port Fourchon services 90% of all deepwater oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, where America gets one-third of its domestic oil supply. The port is also the land base for LOOP (Louisiana Offshore Oil Port) which handles 10-15% of the nation's foreign oil and is connected to 50% of U.S. refining capacity. For More information on the oil and gas industry in Lafourche, visit the Greater Lafourche Port Commission website at

Because the fishing and oil industries are so prevalent here in Lafourche, the shipbuilding industry also thrives here. Ships and boats used in both industries are fabricated here in the Parish and sent all over the world. Additionally, a large number military vessels are built here as well.